Urban League of Louisiana’s Scale Up! Louisiana Program

text that reads: Scale Up! Louisiana, an initiative of the Urban League of Louisiana. Grow your small business the right way! -- next to an image of a couple in a bakery holding a sign that reads: Open

Program Overview

In March 2022, the Urban League of Louisiana launched the fifth cohort of its Scale Up! Louisiana program targeting small businesses in the Lower 9th Ward.

This cohort was sponsored by the Lower 9th Ward Economic Development District, Wells Fargo, and Louisiana Economic Development.

Scale Up! Louisiana is a statewide entrepreneurial education center hosted by the Urban League of Louisiana’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. The program provides early-stage entrepreneurs with the education and resources that are critical to creating a scalable and profitable business. This is a transition program that guides existing, early stage small business owners towards becoming high growth, sustainable ventures.

Participants received up to 8 hours of technical assistance throughout the course of the program, as well as, and other support services throughout the program.

In addition to the educational programming, participants completing 75% of the program modules became eligible for a $1,600.00 micro-grant to support their business growth.

30 business owners from the area were selected for the spring 2022 cohort. To date 24 businesses remain enrolled in the program. Of the 24 businesses remaining:

  • Female: 17
  • Male: 7
  • Black/African American: 24